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The professional experience is always evolving. Whether you are entering the market as a job seeker for the first time, a seasoned professional looking to grow within your company, an individual seeking a career change, or perhaps you are a business owner or manager looking to hire and retain the best talent, ProEvolv knows the ins and outs of the process and we want to share them with you.

Our Services


 Deep-dive videos into the career transition process.

$15/per video

Career Mentor Session

General mentoring or specific topics (Career Path Identification, Resume Building, Acing the Interview, Networking, Professional Communication)


Live Group Sessions

2-hour interactive group session covering specific topic or general Q&A. 50 person limit.

$35/per person

Speaking Engagements

-Cost varies, group rates available

-In person or virtual

After accruing over 20 years’ experience in various industries including Media, Medical, and Engineering, and working in multiple roles for production, sales, management, HR, and recruitment for companies ranging from local to global, it was time to share the revelatory common denominators that lead to success, and thus ProEvolv was born.
Albert Castro
Founder – ProEvolv

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Albert Castro

Founder – ProEvolv

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